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"I'm 69 years old and have been suffering with the gout in my right foot for over 5 years.  I've tried everything, including the "solid gold" shots, with no relief.  My daughter brought me Heal Patches and after the 4th day, I was walking without pain and my ankle had returned to normal size.  It was easy to tell that the patches were working because every morning when I took them off, they were black and gooey.  I'm so amazed!! - I have a life again."

Janet D.

"I was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider, and my hand and arm was on fire and very swollen.  The third day after the bite, a friend of my wife's recommended that I try Heal Patches, and we placed the patch over the bite.  The next morning my fingers had returned to normal size, and the patch was purple and green.  After the second night of using the patches, my fever was gone and after the third night, all the evidence and symptoms of the bite were gone."

Ray L.

"I was recently in Indonesia and ate something that must have been undercooked or contaminated.  I had severe diarrhea for three days, lost 27 pounds, and my neighbor brought me the patches and put them on my feet.  The next morning, they were a thick dark brown color, oozing with toxins that had been pulled from my stomach meridian.  The second morning, my symptoms were gone, and I felt much better.  I continued using the patches until they were clean in the mornings just to make sure that I was fully detoxified.

Kate K.

"A while back I noticed that I couldn't bend my toes on my left foot. Standing on my foot, my toes were so thick, sometimes swollen and so close together that there was no gap and I couldn't see the floor. Also my veins on my left leg were poking out like jellybeans.  I ordered the Heal Patches and applied the patches as suggested. I was horrified what I saw the next morning after I had the patches removed. Two days later my toes showed shape and I could see the floor. I felt lighter and kept using the patches till it was cleared up. My jellybeans veins had almost gone too.

I've also applied the patches on shoulders and neck with good results. One day I had a very sharp pain near my left breast and I felt something like a knot. I put two patches under my armpit and towards the breast. It looked YUK the next morning and the knot was gone. Being diagnosed with IBS I tried it on the painful spot, but the patch was clear the next morning, so, I could use the patch again. I worked out that when I use three patches under each foot every second day I'm doing wonderful and I'm more energetic.

The patches should be in every household, especially when people live in polluted cities."

With friendly greetings,

Loriann L.





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