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detox foot patch

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Directions for Use

Heal Patches are best applied at bedtime in the convenience of your own home. The box contains 10 dry white Heal Patches plus the 10 thin adhesive plasters to stick them on with. The patch contents start oxidizing after breaking the airtight seal.

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Many people rotate two patches on the feet each night, starting with the ball of their feet the first night, the arch the second night, the heel the third night, then back to the ball of the foot to compare what comes out. If in a hurry, three foot patches on each foot can be applied overnight. Use from one to a maximum of six foot patches at any one time. If applying patches to other parts of the body, still put one or more on both feet. Socks worn over the foot pads may prevent accidentally kicking them off the feet during sleep. Do not place patches over the eyes or broken skin.

Before and after In the morning, remove the patches and check for changes. Patches may range from being light brown to dark brown and wet, to near black and soaking with a foul smell in more extreme circumstances. It depends on the individual but expect to see vivid results with your own eyes. Remove the wet used patches after sleep and discard them. If patches are still dry after use, they can be re-used. First time users tend to have more extreme results with Heal Patches.
Foot patches before and after

Progressively, the patches may dry off. Unused patches can then be left in the box for another time. Some people apply new foot pads for three consecutive nights, others for three weeks and some for months. Some people apply a few foot patches every couple of months as a preventative maintenance.  This is detoxifying without stress or the cost and possible side effects of more aggressive detox procedures.

Since their release in 1998, foot patch detoxifiers now sell over four million boxes a month globally, mostly in Asia.  Being for external application, Heal Patches are safe to use with other health treatments.



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