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detox foot patch

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Customer Service


Upon receipt of your order, your product will be shipped the next business day, and should arrive in 5-7 days.  Please be patient and allow your package to work its way to you.  If you haven't received your package after 7-10 days, please contact us at the email address below so that we can help figure out what may have happened.

Return Policy

We will gladly issue a refund for any unused product that is returned to us.  Simply send us the unused product with a note explaining why you are returning the product, and we will issue a refund that is appropriate for the amount of unused product that is returned.  For example, a new package of Heal Patches comes with 10 patches and adhesive pads - if a customer were to return 5 unused patches and adhesive pads, a refund would be issued for half of the amount paid for the original package of 10.

Contact Info

Please contact us anytime with your questions.  We'll be glad to provide answers.


PO Box 331

Beaufort, NC  28516



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